Our Dogs

Celtic Connection Queen Boudica  (Excellence Register)

Conformation: 82%, Health: 100%, Temperament: 90%, BI TPI: 88.5%

Boudica is our first Boerboel. She is a daughter of Celtic Connection Mopsa and Marvel Merlin. She is a fantastic family pet and loves being with our children.

 Gretchen Joyce  (Excellence Register)

Conformation: 85%, Health: 100%, Temperament: 95.05%, BI TPI:   91.26%

Joyce is an import from South Africa. She is a daughter of Marvel Zena and Gretchen Bento.  Joyce is everything you could ever want from a Boerboel. She is a powerfull, loyal and loving member of our family

 Ravenswood Pinkerton(Shumba)  (Excellence Register)

Conformation: 85.5%, Health: 90%, Temperament: 100%, BI TPI: 90.25%

Shumba is a son of Boudica and Bayo Baggins. Shumba is a compact, muscular and very agile male. He loves nothing more than to shadow the children’s every move, watching over them.

Northshore Nandi (Not Appraised yet)

Nandi is a daughter of Shumba and Baden Tia. Nandi is nearly a year old now, but still has a lot of growing to do. She has energy in abundance and can keep going all day long.


Molosser De Boeren Mia

Mia is a Grand daughter of Shumba and Joyce. She is from Ravenswood Asenka and Makosi Dico. Mia has an excellent temperament and she has a very strong compact build. She is only six months old in the photo below.



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